Boat Safety Check (Volunteer Spotlight)

MEREDYTH RING ~ University of Central Florida Rowing

How did you come to get involved with the Hooch?

Meredyth ~ Boat Safety Check Volunteer

Meredyth ~ Boat Safety Check Volunteer

I first participated at the Hooch my senior year of high school, with Triangle Rowing Club (Raleigh, NC). I then returned to race at the Hooch for the University of Central Florida Rowing Team during my freshman year of college. Last year was my first year attending as a spectator and volunteer.

What inspired you to become a Hooch Volunteer?

I recently moved to Chattanooga for the Industrial-Organizational Psychology Master’s Program at UTC. My statistics professor, Dr. Biderman, has been involved with the Hooch for years and mentioned that there were many opportunities to volunteer. Although I haven’t raced in a few years, I was eager to volunteer so that I could still be involved with the regatta. While doing boat safety checks, I had a ton of fun making sure the boats were race-ready and wishing the rowers luck! I even got to see a few old friends who were racing or coaching. I’m looking forward to volunteering again this fall!

In your opinion, what are the Hooch’s best qualities?

Meredyth Ring ~ UCF Rowing Competitor

UCF Rowing Competitor

The Hooch has always been my favorite regatta. I absolutely love the location – Chattanooga is such a unique and beautiful city. From a rower’s perspective, the race course itself has amazing views! Spectators also have great views of the event at several areas along the Riverwalk, such as Ross’s landing, the Walnut Street Bridge, and Coolidge Park. Another great thing about the Hooch is that it brings together the rowing community. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, and it is a great opportunity for rowers of all ages and levels of experience!