Docks (Volunteer Spotlight)

AMY EPLING ~ High Point Rowing Club

Amy Epling - Hooch Volunteer

Amy at the Docks

Hooch 2015

Hooch 2015

How did you come to get involved with the Hooch?

Hooch Volunteer

Hooch Volunteer

The year 2015 was my daughter’s first full year of rowing with High Point Rowing Club (HPRC), and excitingly, her first experience as the coxswain for girls V8. As always, I love to be involved in whatever my kids are doing and this was no exception. I’m not one for sitting around, which I’ve learned can definitely happen as you wait for your kids’ races to come along.

What inspired you to become a Hooch Volunteer?

I had heard that this was the best regatta that our club goes to all year and the excitement around it was contagious! I figured there couldn’t be a better way to learn about the sport my daughter loves so much than to volunteer. And this would be my FIRST volunteer experience. Oh my goodness! I learned so much. It is a crash course in rowing, regattas and everything related. I’ve volunteered at many regattas since, and Hooch takes the cake!

In your opinion, what are the Hooch’s best qualities?

Where do I begin? The venue is absolutely gorgeous. The volunteer organization committee is absolutely wonderful to work with. I had originally signed up for only two shifts, but ended up working several others. There were always places that I could easily be directed to. I also met many other volunteers, parents and rowers at the Hooch. It is a wonderful community. Another wonderful group of individuals are the US Rowing officials. Never met a nicer bunch of people (in fact, they inspired me! I’m on my way to becoming an official/referee). The race director, Daniel Wolff, answered all my questions patiently! I could go on and on. Can’t wait to volunteer this year.