Volunteer Tent (Volunteer Spotlight)

ALICE BRAGG ~ Atlanta Rowing Club

Alice Bragg (far left) has volunteered on Docks, Traffic Control, Merchandising & Volunteer Tent

Alice Bragg (far left) with Margaret Greene and Roberta Foley.
Alice has volunteered on Docks, Traffic Control, Merchandising & Volunteer Tent


How did you come to get involved with the Hooch?

My first Hooch was in 2008 when my son rowed for St. Andrew Rowing Club. I was a parent volunteer for the next four years. Since joining the Atlanta Rowing Club, I have continued to volunteer and enjoy the regatta each year.

What inspired you to become a Hooch Volunteer?

I have worked the on the docks, with traffic control, with merchandising, and in the volunteer tent. My main inspiration is interacting with the rowers, especially the youth and college-aged athletes. The dedication, focus, and work ethic these kids bring to the sport and this regatta are amazing.

In your opinion, what are the Hooch’s best qualities?

There is so much to enjoy about the Hooch. Visually, it is just beautiful. The river, boats, and oars combined with the fall colors and downtown Chattanooga surround you. This alone makes you appreciate being a part of the event.

I love that the Hooch is held in Chattanooga. It’s such a nice downtown with great restaurants within walking distance of the race course. And the bridges offer the best viewing. It’s an excellent venue.

The order out of what could be seen as chaos among thousands of rowers, volunteers, and spectators is another thing to appreciate. Thanks to the coordinators and referees, this regatta is extremely well run. It appears to be chaotic at times with people everywhere going in every direction, but it comes together each year and remains consistently successful. And it’s fun to be a part of it.