80 Mixed Youth 8+

Official Results

117:20.71916Chattanooga Rowing A (Susan Zeglen)
S:13:05:34.7 F:13:22:55.4
217:31.41914Miami Rowing Club A (Marissa Williford)
S:13:04:53.6 F:13:22:25.0
317:34.71924Indianapolis Rowing Center A
S:13:07:42.1 F:13:25:16.8
417:40.51913The Bolles School A
S:13:04:17.4 F:13:21:57.9
517:59.61919Dallas United Crew A (Sarah Peters)
S:13:06:15.1 F:13:24:14.7
618:01.01917Sarasota Scullers A (Samara Robbins)
S:13:05:54.8 F:13:23:55.8
718:20.11923Atlanta Junior Rowing Association A (Paige Earhart)
S:13:07:24.4 F:13:25:44.5
818:30.81925Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Elizabeth Osmun)
S:13:08:13.6 F:13:26:44.4
918:34.31934White Rock Boathouse B
S:13:12:29.8 F:13:31:04.1
1018:36.21922Tampa Preparatory School A (Kelsi Richardson)
S:13:07:10.3 F:13:25:46.5
1118:36.91931Miami Rowing Club B (Sol Helou)
S:13:11:33.4 F:13:30:10.3
1218:47.01930The Bolles School B
S:13:10:34.7 F:13:29:21.7
1318:53.71927Indianapolis Rowing Center A
S:13:09:09.8 F:13:28:03.5
1318:53.71926White Rock Boathouse A
S:13:08:34.1 F:13:27:27.8
1519:04.91915Charlotte Youth Rowing A (Katherine Kishbaugh)
S:13:05:12.9 F:13:24:17.8
1619:11.51928Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. B (Taylor Christian)
S:13:10:25.8 F:13:29:37.3
1719:12.61918Triangle Rowing Club A (Hannah Futterman)
S:13:28:10.6 F:13:47:23.2
1819:28.31920South Niagara Rowing Club A
S:13:06:57.3 F:13:26:25.6
1919:34.11932Atlanta Junior Rowing Association B (Abby Jones)
S:13:12:45.7 F:13:32:19.8
2019:38.61921Rocket City Rowing Club, Inc. A (Rachel Elaine Booth)
S:13:10:11.4 F:13:29:50.0
2119:55.21933Dallas United Crew B (Steven Kornajcik)
S:13:12:06.4 F:13:32:01.6
2220:19.11935Indianapolis Rowing Center B
S:13:13:19.6 F:13:33:38.7
2321:05.61936The Bolles School C
S:13:27:34.3 F:13:48:39.9
2422:03.51929Triangle Rowing Club B (Patrick Powers)
S:13:28:59.9 F:13:51:03.4


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