77 Women's Open 4x

Official Results

118:24.91846Oklahoma City University Rowing A (Brooke Shewmaker)
S:12:34:48.1 F:12:53:13.0
218:50.11847University of Kansas Rowing A
S:12:34:55.8 F:12:53:45.9
318:50.41848Don Rowing Club A (Lindsay Tetreault)
S:12:35:27.5 F:12:54:07.9 P:10 (1 buoy)
418:55.71845Duke Women's Rowing A
S:12:34:39.6 F:12:53:35.3
519:10.01850University of Kansas Rowing B
S:12:35:36.5 F:12:54:46.5
620:09.91851Oklahoma City University Rowing B (Michaela Bivins)
S:12:36:03.7 F:12:56:13.6
721:10.41849University of Iowa Recreational Services A (Krysti Knoche)
S:12:45:59.6 F:13:07:10.0


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