73 Men's Open 8+

Official Results

116:08.61763Oklahoma City University Rowing A (Ryan Carroll)
S:11:55:22.8 F:12:11:31.4
216:10.11762Washington University Rowing - St. Louis A
S:11:55:06.9 F:12:11:17.0
316:20.91766Georgia Tech Rowing Club A (Eric Beauchemin)
S:11:56:36.7 F:12:12:57.6
417:01.31770Washington University Rowing - St. Louis B
S:11:59:05.9 F:12:16:07.2
517:07.21771The College of William and Mary B
S:11:59:50.6 F:12:16:57.8
617:07.81767Miami University Rowing Club A (Vikash Patel)
S:11:57:09.1 F:12:14:16.9
717:49.81773Miami University Rowing Club C (Stephen Marowitz)
S:12:01:00.8 F:12:18:50.6
818:03.31772Washington University Rowing - St. Louis C
S:12:00:35.0 F:12:18:38.3
918:03.91769Georgia Tech Rowing Club A
S:11:58:50.6 F:12:16:54.5
1018:29.01768Miami University Rowing Club B (Jacob Rosebrock)
S:11:57:35.0 F:12:16:04.0
1118:53.81774Miami University Rowing Club D (Adam Kirdzik)
S:12:01:42.1 F:12:20:35.9
1219:21.11764The College of William and Mary A
S:11:56:29.8 F:12:15:50.9


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