72 Women's Youth 2-

Official Results

120:39.01746Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc. A (Christine Cavallo, Emily Roach)
S:11:34:53.0 F:11:55:32.0
221:25.31700OKC Riversport A (Madeleine Lange, Maddie Wullschleger)
S:11:19:30.4 F:11:40:55.7
321:45.11758Newport Rowing Club B
S:11:38:14.0 F:11:59:59.1
421:53.21760Detroit Boat Club B
S:11:38:27.3 F:12:00:20.5
521:58.51750Atomic Rowing A (Rae Oleshansky, Isla McRea)
S:11:36:13.4 F:11:58:11.9
622:18.21752Sarasota Scullers A (Payton Harris, Hannah Whisnant)
S:11:36:29.0 F:11:58:47.2
722:48.01757Louisville Rowing Club, Inc A (Kylie Noltemeyer, Hannah Richerson)
S:11:38:04.7 F:12:00:52.7
823:19.11748Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Jamie McNulty, Wothe Isabel)
S:11:35:55.4 F:11:59:14.5
923:20.61747Dallas United Crew A (Sarah Smith, Kendall Mueller)
S:11:35:29.4 F:11:58:50.0
1023:23.31754Miami Rowing Club A (Emily Steen, Meaghan Schneider)
S:11:37:16.2 F:12:00:39.5
1124:00.61755Austin Rowing Club A (Meghan Gomillion, Lauren Britt)
S:11:37:29.5 F:12:01:30.1
1224:36.31753Pine Crest School A
S:11:36:56.3 F:12:01:32.6
1324:43.91756Newport Rowing Club A
S:11:37:47.1 F:12:01:51.0 P:40 (4 buoy)
1427:38.61745Augusta Rowing Club, Inc. A (Jacqueline Bailey, Madison Kelly)
S:11:45:07.0 F:12:12:45.6
DNS1751Detroit Boat Club A


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