68 Men's Masters 2-

Official Results

119:03.21650Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Andrzej Ratajczyk, Bob Whitbeck)
S:11:05:43.3 F:11:26:25.5 HC:99 sec
219:08.01654Lake Lanier Rowing Club A (Henry Kannapell, Robert Spengler)
S:11:06:26.2 F:11:27:20.2 HC:106 sec
319:10.91642Charlotte Rowing Club A (Bob Fuller, Dick Fuller)
S:11:04:00.6 F:11:25:24.5 HC:133 sec
419:14.51643Austin Rowing Club A (Paul Scripko, Roger Schiller)
S:11:04:20.4 F:11:24:12.9 HC:38 sec
519:53.61644Catawba Yacht Club A (Phil Gilmore, J Byron Walthall)
S:11:04:42.1 F:11:26:08.7 HC:93 sec
620:10.61647Texas Rowing Center A (Colin Heneghan, Wade Oppliger)
S:11:05:02.4 F:11:25:24.0 HC:11 sec
720:24.31651Fairmount Rowing Association A (Kevin Montenegro, Scott John)
S:11:06:02.4 F:11:26:35.7 HC:9 sec
820:48.41649Halifax Rowing Association A (martin trautschold, Perry Sperber)
S:11:05:30.3 F:11:27:35.7 HC:87 sec P:10 (1 buoy)
921:11.51645Orlando Rowing Club A (Jim Field, Kevin Kranz)
S:11:04:54.4 F:11:27:10.9 HC:65 sec
1022:00.21648Greater Dayton Rowing Association A (William Turner, Jon Daugherty)
S:11:05:19.6 F:11:28:01.8 HC:42 sec
DNS1653Rollins Rowing Association A (David Bagby, Drew Brodnax)


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