67 Men's Open 2-

Official Results

118:46.91624University of Cincinnati Rowing Club A
S:10:56:20.6 F:11:15:07.5
218:59.41626UNC Men's Crew A
S:10:56:55.3 F:11:15:54.7
319:00.01627University of Cincinnati Rowing Club B
S:10:57:06.1 F:11:16:06.1
419:02.41640UNC Men's Crew B
S:10:59:35.1 F:11:18:37.5
519:24.71629Rollins Rowing Association A (Timothy Mazzotta, Rob Spolsino)
S:10:58:08.0 F:11:17:32.7
619:42.11637UNC Men's Crew B
S:10:58:56.1 F:11:18:38.2
719:42.61639University of Cincinnati Rowing Club D
S:10:59:16.9 F:11:18:59.5
820:02.51641University of Cincinnati Rowing Club E
S:10:59:52.8 F:11:19:55.3
920:28.31630Charleston Crew A (Franklin Hays, Justin Edgar)
S:10:57:55.2 F:11:18:23.5
1020:35.31635UNC Men's Crew A
S:10:58:44.1 F:11:19:09.4 P:10 (1 buoy)
1120:37.71633University of Tampa A (Trevor Hyssong, Taylor Noonan)
S:10:58:36.0 F:11:19:13.7
1220:42.21652Murray State University Crew A
S:11:00:11.2 F:11:20:33.4 P:20 (2 buoy)
1320:47.71625Oklahoma City University Rowing A (Blake Marley, Jeremy Seale)
S:10:56:36.1 F:11:16:53.8 P:30 (1 buoy, 1 buoy, 1 buoy)
1420:58.31632Stetson University A (David Nutting, Mike Sigrist)
S:10:58:23.3 F:11:19:21.6
1521:10.31638University of Cincinnati Rowing Club C
S:10:59:06.5 F:11:19:26.8 P:50 (1 buoy, 1 buoy, 1 buoy, 2 buoy)
1623:04.41628University of South Florida A (Gregory ayers, Chris Madden)
S:10:57:44.8 F:11:20:49.2
DNS1631Friends of Brazzers RC A (Chase Powell, Michael Gibel)


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