59 Women's Youth 1x

Official Results

120:15.21512Y Quad Cities A (Elizabeth Sharis)
S:9:49:17.3 F:10:09:32.5
220:56.81524Texas Rowing Center A (Kendall Brewer)
S:9:50:07.4 F:10:11:04.2
320:58.91516Long Beach Rowing Association A (Jill McGill)
S:9:48:25.7 F:10:09:24.6
420:59.81520Sagamore B (Adrienne Bielawski)
S:9:49:31.3 F:10:10:31.1
521:28.71513Y Quad Cities B (callie Heiderscheit)
S:9:50:17.6 F:10:11:46.3
621:31.81517Austin Rowing Club A (Lauren Azuela)
S:9:48:35.6 F:10:10:07.4
721:35.01535Stanton-River Bank Rowing A (Riona McCormick)
S:9:51:41.6 F:10:13:16.6
821:41.21521Detroit Boat Club A
S:9:49:43.4 F:10:11:24.6
921:51.11537OKC Riversport A (Charlotte McMeekin)
S:9:52:00.4 F:10:13:51.5
1021:51.21547OKC Riversport B (Kiele Erickson)
S:9:53:45.3 F:10:15:36.5
1121:53.31514Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Maria Wothe)
S:9:48:05.4 F:10:09:58.7
1221:59.61539Tampa Training Center A (Carli Willis)
S:9:52:21.0 F:10:14:20.6
1322:16.81541North Orlando Rowing A (Maggie Gillespie)
S:9:52:34.6 F:10:14:51.4
1422:19.01526Lyman Rowing Association A (Alexandra Ware)
S:9:50:47.0 F:10:13:06.0
1522:24.61545Clermont Crew B (Anita Imwalle)
S:9:53:27.3 F:10:15:51.9
1622:41.61540Founders Rowing Club B (Celeste Turner)
S:9:52:27.3 F:10:15:08.9
1722:53.61544St. Andrew Rowing Club B (Tiffany Moo-Young)
S:9:53:15.7 F:10:16:09.3
1822:55.41538Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Sarah Seeger)
S:9:52:14.6 F:10:15:10.0
1923:04.01522ROCCS Rowing Club A (Micaela Hill)
S:9:49:51.0 F:10:12:55.0
2023:18.31549Clermont Crew C (Renee Dietz)
S:9:54:03.7 F:10:17:22.0
2123:22.51515North Orlando Rowing A (Emily Anderson)
S:9:48:17.4 F:10:11:39.9
2223:29.31536Unaffiliated A (Kendall DeSantis)
S:9:51:48.3 F:10:14:57.6 P:20 (2 buoy)
2323:30.01528Sarasota Scullers A (Julia Santos)
S:9:51:08.6 F:10:14:38.6
2423:39.51519Miami Rowing Club A (Abby Sorensen)
S:9:49:08.2 F:10:12:47.7
2523:40.01525Louisville Rowing Club, Inc A (Elizabeth Cross)
S:9:50:38.4 F:10:14:18.4
2623:40.71548Augusta Rowing Club, Inc. B (Genny Salas-Cronin)
S:9:53:52.4 F:10:17:03.1 P:30 (3 buoy)
2723:41.71542Miami Rowing Club B (Yailene Herrera)
S:9:52:47.0 F:10:16:28.7
2823:54.21532Charlotte Youth Rowing A (Paige Thompson)
S:9:51:36.8 F:10:15:31.0
2923:55.11527Chattanooga Rowing A (ANDREIA CABRERA)
S:9:50:58.1 F:10:14:53.2
3024:08.91543Unaffiliated B (Laura Lynn De Loache)
S:9:53:04.3 F:10:17:13.2
3124:24.21523Clermont Crew A (Randi Dailey)
S:9:50:04.3 F:10:14:28.5
3224:25.51546Sarasota Scullers B (Samara Robbins)
S:9:53:40.9 F:10:18:06.4
3325:53.41518St. Andrew Rowing Club A (madison pfeffer)
S:9:48:57.4 F:10:14:50.8
3427:23.01529Augusta Rowing Club, Inc. A (Allison Rector)
S:9:51:26.1 F:10:18:49.1
DNS1530Miami Beach Watersports Center, Inc. A (Zoe Thoennes)


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