58 Men's Youth 1x

Official Results

118:45.91453Miami Beach Watersports Center, Inc. A (Max Ferguson)
S:9:33:50.1 F:9:52:36.0
219:07.01478Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Jack Kelley)
S:9:36:57.2 F:9:56:04.2
319:13.31487Y Quad Cities B (Kevin Farrell)
S:9:38:47.6 F:9:58:00.9
419:17.61454Stanton-River Bank Rowing A (Kevin Coyle)
S:9:33:57.0 F:9:53:14.6
519:19.01451Y Quad Cities A (Scott Trahan)
S:9:33:37.5 F:9:52:56.5
619:32.81473Texas Rowing Center A (James Nelson)
S:9:36:32.4 F:9:56:05.2
719:33.71452Evans Rowing Club A (John Gangi)
S:9:33:43.9 F:9:53:17.6
819:37.71476Savannah Country Day School Crew A (Jake Weidner)
S:9:36:51.8 F:9:56:29.5
919:43.41458Austin Rowing Club A (Philip Johnson)
S:9:34:31.6 F:9:54:15.0
1019:44.61491Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. B (Alex Wothe)
S:9:39:28.6 F:9:59:13.2
1119:51.71486Austin Rowing Club B (Michael Ragan)
S:9:38:38.5 F:9:58:30.2
1219:56.71462Detroit Boat Club A
S:9:35:21.8 F:9:55:18.5
1320:18.21507Miami Beach Watersports Center, Inc. C (Danny Stein)
S:9:41:30.6 F:10:01:48.8
1420:18.71484ROCCS Rowing Club A (Ben Davison)
S:9:38:21.4 F:9:57:50.1 P:50 (2 buoy, failure to yield)
1520:19.21455Berkeley High School Crew A
S:9:34:06.5 F:9:54:25.7
1620:25.91501Lyman Rowing Association B (Andrew Rouse)
S:9:40:38.4 F:10:01:04.3
1720:26.81489Clermont Crew B (Ricky Vandegrift)
S:9:39:08.2 F:9:59:35.0
1820:27.01496Chattanooga Rowing A (Joe Garner)
S:9:40:11.3 F:10:00:38.3
1920:29.11498Tampa Training Center B (Marshall McCabe)
S:9:40:20.9 F:10:00:50.0
2020:38.51499Detroit Boat Club B
S:9:54:20.3 F:10:14:58.8
2120:39.21493Augusta Rowing Club, Inc. B (Chris Turner)
S:9:39:34.6 F:10:00:13.8
2220:42.41510Miami Beach Watersports Center, Inc. E (Nic Brunk)
S:9:41:46.9 F:10:02:29.3
2320:44.21502Miami Beach Watersports Center, Inc. B (Shane Barnett)
S:9:41:54.6 F:10:02:38.8
2420:44.61471St. Andrew Rowing Club A (Brendan Larkin)
S:9:36:09.5 F:9:56:54.1
2520:47.41504Texas Rowing Center B (Reid Gallagher)
S:9:40:52.4 F:10:01:39.8
2620:48.11508Belen Jesuit Prep D (Jose Armengol)
S:9:41:36.0 F:10:02:24.1
2720:48.71457Chattanooga Rowing A (Matthew Kniedler)
S:9:34:23.5 F:9:55:12.2
2720:48.71494Belen Jesuit Prep B (Vincent Vazquez)
S:9:39:48.4 F:10:00:37.1
2920:50.21479Clermont Crew A (Abe Mancino)
S:9:37:32.8 F:9:58:13.0 P:10 (1 buoy)
3020:52.21467Westerville Rowing Club A (Taran Savoie)
S:9:35:45.8 F:9:56:38.0
3121:00.21483Unaffiliated A (Jack Novack)
S:9:38:11.0 F:9:59:11.2
3221:00.31506Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. C (Ryan Lavigne)
S:9:41:16.7 F:10:02:17.0
3321:04.91461Tampa Training Center A (Frankie Flores)
S:9:35:15.0 F:9:56:19.9
3421:06.11509Miami Beach Watersports Center, Inc. D (Fernando Tavara Jr.)
S:9:41:42.2 F:10:02:48.3
3521:12.81481OKC Riversport A (Baylor McPherson)
S:9:37:48.0 F:9:59:00.8
3621:12.91488Cincinnati Country Day School A (Elijah Engelke)
S:9:38:58.2 F:9:59:51.1 P:20 (2 buoy)
3721:14.91459Miami Rowing Club A (Alex Van-Puffelen)
S:9:34:54.9 F:9:56:09.8
3821:23.21480Malta Boat Club A (Jacob Sterling)
S:9:37:42.1 F:9:59:05.3
3921:23.51482Dallas Rowing Club A (harrison quarls)
S:9:37:54.9 F:9:58:38.4 P:40 (3 buoy, 1 buoy)
4021:23.81503Sarasota Scullers B (Jacob Franks)
S:9:40:47.0 F:10:02:10.8
4121:32.71490Miami Rowing Club B (alejandro ramos-rivera)
S:9:39:15.2 F:10:00:47.9
4221:32.81465Belen Jesuit Prep A (Hector Formoso-Murias)
S:9:35:31.2 F:9:57:04.0
4321:33.71450ROCCS Rowing Club (Christian Javier)
S:9:33:31.8 F:9:55:05.5
4421:40.61511Belen Jesuit Prep E (Santiago Dipilla)
S:9:42:01.9 F:10:03:32.5 P:10 (failure to follow official instructions)
4521:46.91495St. Andrew Rowing Club B (Matt Cone)
S:9:40:00.8 F:10:01:47.7
4621:59.81469St. Johns Country Day School A (Kiko Carrasquillo)
S:9:36:03.9 F:9:58:03.7
4722:01.11475St. Louis Rowing Club A (Khurram Naveed)
S:9:36:43.8 F:9:58:44.9
4822:08.21472Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Blake Fosmoe)
S:9:36:27.4 F:9:58:35.6
4922:09.31464Lyman Rowing Association A (Dale Barton)
S:9:35:28.7 F:9:57:38.0
5022:10.31460Sarasota Scullers A (Daniel Kemp)
S:9:35:05.9 F:9:57:16.2
5122:14.61466Augusta Rowing Club, Inc. A (John Douglas Landrum)
S:9:37:12.3 F:9:59:26.9
5222:16.31505Belen Jesuit Prep C (Nicolas Fernandez)
S:9:41:05.4 F:10:03:21.7
5322:35.01477Louisville Rowing Club, Inc A (Dennis Smith)
S:9:37:24.8 F:9:59:59.8
5422:40.31485St. Louis Rowing Club B (Jonathan Keller)
S:9:38:34.1 F:10:01:14.4
5523:01.31500OKC Riversport B (Brayden McPherson)
S:9:40:29.9 F:10:03:31.2
5624:00.41456South Orlando Rowing Association A (Orion Hansen)
S:9:34:20.0 F:9:58:20.4
5724:15.81468Concordia Lutheran High School A
S:9:35:57.3 F:10:00:13.1
DNS1497Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. B (Lewis Curl)


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