54 Women's Lightweight 1x

Official Results

120:10.71406USRowing Training Center - Oklahoma A (Kathryn Schiro)
S:9:19:52.8 F:9:40:03.5
220:56.11419University of Tulsa Women's Rowing B (Marissa Catalanotto)
S:9:21:58.0 F:9:42:54.1
320:57.91411Stetson University A (Pricilla White)
S:9:20:43.0 F:9:41:40.9
421:04.81407University of Tulsa Women's Rowing A (Jamie Roloff)
S:9:20:07.0 F:9:41:11.8
521:25.51420University of Tulsa Women's Rowing C (Colleen Wohlrab)
S:9:22:07.0 F:9:43:32.5
621:29.31415Duke Women's Rowing A
S:9:21:25.4 F:9:42:44.7 P:10 (1 buoy)
721:45.71421University of Tulsa Women's Rowing D (Jasmine McGill)
S:9:22:15.0 F:9:44:00.7
821:45.81417Lincoln Park Boat Club A (Samantha Minc)
S:9:21:43.1 F:9:43:28.9
922:06.91414St. Andrew Rowing Club A (Tara Mann)
S:9:21:13.1 F:9:43:20.0
1022:07.81418Atlanta Rowing Club A (Elizabeth Barnett)
S:9:21:46.9 F:9:43:54.7
1122:20.11416Atlanta Rowing Club A (Margaret Bray)
S:9:21:35.7 F:9:43:55.8
1222:26.81405Oklahoma City University Rowing A (Brooke Shewmaker)
S:9:19:42.7 F:9:42:09.5
1322:47.11410Raleigh Rowing Center A (Caryn Urbanczyk)
S:9:20:37.1 F:9:43:24.2
1422:47.51413Eastern Michigan University A (Tijana Milovanovic)
S:9:21:01.5 F:9:43:49.0
1523:52.01409Newport Rowing Club A
S:9:20:20.2 F:9:44:12.2
1624:22.21412University of Louisville A
S:9:20:54.8 F:9:45:17.0


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