44 Mixed Open 4+

Official Results

118:24.71215Nashville Rowing Club A (Jon Miller)
S:18:22:41.1 F:18:41:05.8
218:40.91211Tennessee Crew A (Isaac Huntoon)
S:18:27:01.5 F:18:45:42.4
318:51.21221St. Louis Rowing Club B (Meg Weihagen)
S:18:24:40.3 F:18:43:31.5
418:53.91210St. Louis Rowing Club A (Abbie Marone)
S:18:20:48.5 F:18:39:42.4
519:40.91218UTC Rowing - Chattanooga A (Laura Pedersen)
S:18:23:15.1 F:18:42:56.0
619:43.61223UTC Rowing - Chattanooga B (Scottie Hill)
S:18:25:03.2 F:18:44:46.8
719:48.21222Sewanee Crew B (Karl Afrikian)
S:18:25:35.9 F:18:45:24.1
821:03.41217The College of William and Mary A
S:18:23:02.2 F:18:44:05.6
921:58.41213Rocket City Rowing Club, Inc. A (kathy biddlecomb)
S:18:22:26.1 F:18:44:24.5
1022:55.11220High Point University B (William Ward)
S:18:24:07.6 F:18:47:02.7
1123:24.11214Sewanee Crew A (Travis Tindell)
S:18:31:54.5 F:18:55:18.6
1223:27.91216High Point University A (Sophia Andreatos)
S:18:23:29.0 F:18:46:46.9 P:10 (1 buoy)
1323:35.21212Atlanta Rowing Club A (rebecca colins)
S:18:22:02.1 F:18:45:37.3


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