4 Women's Club 8+

Official Results

117:24.648Georgia Tech Rowing Club A (Megan Smith)
S:9:08:04.6 F:9:25:29.2
217:54.962Clemson University Rowing Association A (Kate Allison)
S:9:19:45.0 F:9:37:39.9
318:08.049Unaffiliated A (Lindsey Fore)
S:9:08:34.6 F:9:26:42.6
418:23.450The College of William and Mary A
S:9:09:06.3 F:9:27:29.7
518:26.057Murray State University Crew A
S:9:10:48.7 F:9:29:14.7
618:30.252Ohio State University Crew A (Samantha Kasper)
S:9:10:04.0 F:9:28:34.2
718:43.055Northwestern University A (Alanna Henry)
S:9:12:11.3 F:9:30:54.3
818:46.659Miami University Rowing Club A (Molly Templeman)
S:9:12:36.1 F:9:31:22.7
918:47.660University of Georgia Crew A
S:9:11:53.7 F:9:30:41.3
1018:48.558University of Cincinnati Rowing Club A
S:9:11:07.9 F:9:29:56.4
1118:57.247University of Florida A (Alessa Escuza)
S:9:12:57.8 F:9:31:55.0
1219:10.851St. Louis Rowing Club A (Ninon Martinez)
S:9:09:51.2 F:9:29:02.0
1319:13.556Wheaton College A (Kelsee Foote)
S:9:21:39.8 F:9:40:53.3
1419:38.361UTC Rowing - Chattanooga A (Sarah Collins)
S:9:13:50.3 F:9:33:28.6
1519:47.091University of Georgia Crew A
S:9:14:18.1 F:9:34:05.1
1620:09.153Clemson University Rowing Association A (Maggie Burns)
S:9:22:56.4 F:9:43:05.5
1721:06.554Texas Crew A (Diana Leija)
S:9:10:39.1 F:9:31:45.6


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