37 Women's Championship 4+

Official Results

117:46.11078Duke Women's Rowing A
S:17:10:41.8 F:17:28:27.9
218:12.91073University of Miami A (Alison Whitty)
S:17:09:22.9 F:17:27:35.8
318:18.21096University of Texas Austin B (Casey Redmond)
S:17:17:49.9 F:17:36:08.1
418:21.91079University of Oklahoma A (Abby Seremek)
S:17:10:51.1 F:17:29:13.0
518:26.31064University of Texas Austin A (Victoria Bujala)
S:17:07:17.0 F:17:25:43.3
518:26.31062University of Tennessee Women's Rowing A
S:17:07:08.0 F:17:25:34.3
718:26.81069Barry University A (kelly Harrison)
S:17:08:35.0 F:17:27:01.8
818:40.01063University of Tulsa Women's Rowing A (Brooke Helmberger)
S:17:09:00.2 F:17:27:40.2
918:46.81072University of Kansas Rowing A
S:17:08:46.5 F:17:27:33.3
1018:52.11095University of Oklahoma B (Rachel Cantrell)
S:17:17:33.2 F:17:36:25.3
1118:54.01090University of Kansas Rowing B
S:17:16:26.0 F:17:35:20.0
1218:55.81094Barry University B (Rebekah Kilroy)
S:17:17:20.7 F:17:36:16.5
1318:56.51088University of Miami B (Katie Stanzilis)
S:17:15:44.4 F:17:34:40.9
1418:58.01091University of Tulsa Women's Rowing B (Megan Fitzpatrick)
S:17:16:37.5 F:17:35:35.5
1518:58.11089University of Tennessee Women's Rowing B
S:17:15:55.6 F:17:34:53.7
1619:02.61097University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill B (Emily Leidolf)
S:17:18:02.2 F:17:37:04.8
1719:06.31087Duke Women's Rowing B
S:17:12:01.9 F:17:31:08.2
1819:06.51067University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill A (Claire Wardius)
S:17:08:13.9 F:17:27:20.4
1919:08.61066University of Alabama A (Caroline Blackington)
S:17:07:59.6 F:17:27:08.2
2019:11.71071Old Dominion University Women's Rowing A (Tayler Gall)
S:17:11:20.2 F:17:30:31.9
2119:19.01084Washington University Rowing - St. Louis A
S:17:15:01.7 F:17:34:20.7
2219:30.81093University of Alabama B (Emily Osborne)
S:17:17:15.0 F:17:36:45.8
2319:32.51065University of Central Florida A
S:17:07:51.0 F:17:27:23.5
2419:44.81081FSU Rowing Club A (Carolyn Pigott)
S:17:14:01.0 F:17:33:45.8
2519:49.01076University of Florida A (Christina Casler)
S:17:09:55.2 F:17:29:44.2
2619:52.21083Eastern Michigan University A (Cady Griffin)
S:17:14:43.5 F:17:34:35.7
2720:06.31068Jacksonville University Rowing A (Mary Mosier)
S:17:08:29.7 F:17:28:36.0
2820:12.21075Ohio State University Crew A (Marie Kutsko)
S:17:09:44.0 F:17:29:56.2
2920:14.41098Eastern Michigan University B (Sarah Hillegonds)
S:17:18:15.4 F:17:38:29.8
3020:30.41092Jacksonville University Rowing B (Samara Generals)
S:17:16:58.0 F:17:37:28.4
3120:33.21082Rollins Rowing Association A (Rachel Lii)
S:17:11:35.2 F:17:32:08.4
3220:42.21077University of Cincinnati Rowing Club A
S:17:10:34.1 F:17:30:46.3 P:30 (failure to yield)
3321:11.11085Vanderbilt Rowing Club A (Susannah Wherry)
S:17:15:37.5 F:17:36:48.6
3421:50.61080Stetson University A (Alicia Duda)
S:17:11:11.2 F:17:33:01.8
3522:12.91074University of Charleston A (Hayley Prescott)
S:17:10:25.8 F:17:32:38.7
3623:23.71086University of Central Florida B
S:17:16:19.3 F:17:39:43.0


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