31 Women's Youth Novice 4+

Official Results

120:19.9889Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc. A (Elizabeth Cavallo)
S:15:40:55.1 F:16:01:15.0
220:24.6874St. Louis Rowing Club A (Morgan Conley)
S:15:41:11.6 F:16:01:36.2
320:56.4870Miami Rowing Club A (Gabriella Izzo)
S:15:35:23.5 F:15:56:19.9
421:24.2881Louisville Rowing Club, Inc A (Maggie Johnson)
S:15:38:02.7 F:15:59:26.9
521:28.5880Edgewater High School A (Allison Rumpkin)
S:15:37:44.1 F:15:59:12.6
621:43.7871OKC Riversport A (Caitlin Costello)
S:15:44:29.4 F:16:06:13.1
721:46.6866Atlanta Junior Rowing Association A (Madeline Taylor)
S:15:34:31.1 F:15:56:17.7
821:49.5878Sarasota Scullers A (Lauren Skirball)
S:15:37:13.1 F:15:59:02.6
921:54.9885Chattanooga Rowing A (Lauralee Rast)
S:15:38:15.4 F:16:00:10.3
1022:15.1876North Orlando Rowing A (Kelli Buchholz)
S:15:36:43.2 F:15:58:58.3
1122:22.8877Triangle Rowing Club A (Hunter James)
S:15:36:57.4 F:15:59:20.2
1222:29.4887Academy of the Holy Names A (Haley Heidenreich)
S:15:40:34.4 F:16:03:03.8
1322:29.5879Great Miami Rowing Center A (Jennifer Haines)
S:15:37:25.8 F:15:59:55.3
1422:41.9863South Orlando Rowing Association A
S:15:33:58.4 F:15:56:40.3
1522:50.3869McCallie GPS A
S:15:43:45.6 F:16:06:35.9
1623:05.2890Lyman Rowing Association A (Kailyn Caban)
S:15:41:29.1 F:16:04:34.3
1723:09.1888Rocket City Rowing Club, Inc. A (Victoria Florence)
S:15:40:48.4 F:16:03:57.5
1823:31.2893Edgewater High School B (Maya Kearns)
S:15:42:49.4 F:16:06:20.6
1823:31.2872Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Ashley Petty)
S:15:44:03.5 F:16:07:34.7
2023:46.5892Atlanta Junior Rowing Association B (McKenna Miles)
S:15:42:13.2 F:16:05:59.7
2123:56.1884Newport Rowing Club A
S:15:47:18.6 F:16:11:14.7
2224:01.7873High Point Rowing Club A (Sarah Catto)
S:15:36:25.6 F:16:00:27.3
2324:03.6882Tampa Preparatory School A (Madeline Dixon)
S:15:39:19.7 F:16:03:23.3
2424:11.6899Triangle Rowing Club B (Madeline Massey)
S:15:43:25.0 F:16:07:36.6
2424:11.6867St. Andrew Rowing Club A (Jenna McDannell)
S:15:45:16.1 F:16:09:27.7
2624:17.2861Dallas United Crew A (Lauren Pelfrey)
S:15:33:14.4 F:15:57:31.6
2724:33.2894Rocket City Rowing Club, Inc. A (Isabella Auffenorde)
S:15:46:53.5 F:16:11:26.7
2824:50.6862Dublin Crew Inc. A (Julianne Ross)
S:15:38:45.3 F:16:03:35.9
2924:51.1865Atomic Rowing A
S:16:19:09.6 F:16:44:00.7
3025:00.9897St. Andrew Rowing Club B (Shelby Bardet)
S:15:46:00.7 F:16:11:01.6
3125:20.3896Dublin Crew Inc. B (Megan Scherner)
S:15:40:11.0 F:16:05:21.3 P:10 (1 buoy)
3225:28.3868Charlotte Youth Rowing A (Martha Davis)
S:15:35:03.3 F:16:00:31.6
3325:46.5891Dallas United Crew B (Julia Miller)
S:15:41:59.0 F:16:07:15.5 P:30 (2 buoy, 1 buoy)
3428:38.5886Darlington School Crew A (Elizabeth Phelps)
S:15:39:55.0 F:16:08:33.5
DNS883Miami Beach Watersports Center, Inc. A (Gemma Sahwell)
DNS895Lake Brantley Rowing Association B (Breanna Creekmore)
DNS864Lake Brantley Rowing Association A (Michelle Price)


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