28 Women's Lightweight 4+

Official Results

118:28.0731University of Tulsa Women's Rowing A (Colleen Wohlrab)
S:14:32:13.8 F:14:50:41.8
218:52.3730Old Dominion University Women's Rowing A (Keira Flanagan)
S:14:32:06.7 F:14:50:59.0
319:35.2732Orlando Rowing Club A (Elisabeth Soyars)
S:14:32:34.8 F:14:52:10.0
420:04.5733University of Tulsa Women's Rowing B (Rosie McCarthy)
S:14:32:55.0 F:14:52:59.5
520:15.2734Auburn University Crew A (Hannah Riffe)
S:14:33:06.7 F:14:53:21.9
620:18.8735University of Florida A (Cristina Conable)
S:14:33:17.5 F:14:53:36.3
720:27.9737University of Cincinnati Rowing Club A
S:14:33:43.7 F:14:54:11.6
821:16.4739Charleston Crew A (Erin Markert)
S:14:35:00.3 F:14:56:16.7
921:33.5738University of Charleston A (Lachandra Palmer)
S:14:34:37.2 F:14:56:10.7
1022:28.8736Austin Rowing Club A (Stacy Elizabeth Alexander)
S:14:33:34.2 F:14:56:03.0


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