22 Men's Youth 8+

Official Results

115:22.1542Cincinnati Jr. Rowing Club, Inc. A (Brad Kaes)
S:12:56:55.7 F:13:12:17.8
215:30.8550Miami Rowing Club A (Jose Bared)
S:13:00:21.3 F:13:15:52.1
315:35.0565Winter Park High School A (Malcolm Butler)
S:13:04:05.6 F:13:19:40.6
415:37.3543McCallie GPS A
S:12:57:18.3 F:13:12:55.6
515:44.7556Belen Jesuit Prep A (Hector Formoso-Murias)
S:13:01:39.3 F:13:17:24.0
615:51.1544Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc. A (James Romagnoli)
S:12:59:57.7 F:13:15:48.8
715:51.7588Cincinnati Jr. Rowing Club, Inc. B (John Salcido)
S:13:10:46.7 F:13:26:38.4
815:52.7546OKC Riversport A (Jack Prutsman)
S:12:58:07.2 F:13:13:59.9
815:52.7578Atlanta Junior Rowing Association A (MAXWELL BEERMAN)
S:13:10:35.4 F:13:26:28.1
1015:53.0554The Bolles School A (Ricardo Villanueva)
S:13:01:17.0 F:13:17:10.0
1115:55.8549Westerville Rowing Club A (Nathan Ferris)
S:12:59:45.2 F:13:15:41.0
1215:59.3570Dublin Crew Inc. A (Evan Taylor)
S:13:05:48.4 F:13:21:47.7
1316:08.9569Plant High Rowing Association A
S:13:05:27.0 F:13:21:35.9
1416:11.0567Capital City Rowing A (Wyatt Harrell)
S:13:10:07.8 F:13:26:18.8
1516:18.3572St. Louis Rowing Club A (Peter Smith)
S:13:06:28.5 F:13:22:46.8
1616:19.4563North Orlando Rowing A (Chris Hoffman-Grant)
S:13:04:56.8 F:13:21:16.2
1716:21.1597Winter Park High School B (Michael Larson)
S:13:16:03.8 F:13:32:24.9
1816:21.7574Sarasota Scullers A (Thomas Kelly)
S:13:07:27.3 F:13:23:49.0
1916:24.7579Austin Rowing Club A (Andrew Dittmar)
S:13:08:30.3 F:13:24:55.0
2016:25.5593Plant High Rowing Association B
S:13:13:34.8 F:13:30:00.3
2116:27.0557Pine Crest School A (Kareem Osman)
S:13:06:12.3 F:13:22:39.3
2216:29.7576Rocket City Rowing Club, Inc. A (Ian Crivello)
S:13:08:53.4 F:13:25:23.1
2316:32.3605Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc. B (Jack Stine)
S:13:19:49.3 F:13:36:21.6
2416:33.5551Space Coast Crew A (Rob del Castillo)
S:13:00:32.5 F:13:17:06.0
2516:34.6602Detroit Boat Club A
S:13:18:18.6 F:13:34:53.2
2616:36.2553St. Andrew Rowing Club A (Matt Cone)
S:13:01:02.8 F:13:17:39.0
2716:39.1598Atlanta Junior Rowing Association B (Griffin Ingraham)
S:13:16:38.7 F:13:33:07.8 P:10 (failure to follow official instructions)
2816:41.6580Newport Rowing Club A
S:13:09:08.4 F:13:25:50.0
2916:42.0564Miami Beach Watersports Center, Inc. A (Jesse Halpern)
S:13:03:59.5 F:13:20:41.5
3016:47.1573Atomic Rowing A (Matthew Strader)
S:13:07:10.0 F:13:23:57.1
3116:47.7606McCallie GPS A
S:13:20:01.4 F:13:36:49.1
3216:48.4581Belen Jesuit Prep B (Nicolas Castillo)
S:13:11:20.9 F:13:28:09.3
3316:49.8577Edgewater High School A (Jared Detrick)
S:13:09:27.7 F:13:26:17.5
3416:50.9552Montgomery Bell Academy Rowing A (Rem Houghton)
S:13:00:40.7 F:13:17:31.6
3516:51.4545Lake Brantley Rowing Association A
S:12:57:49.9 F:13:14:41.3
3616:55.2583Westerville Rowing Club B (Corey Burke)
S:13:10:13.2 F:13:27:08.4
3716:55.8585St. Louis Rowing Club B (Drew Holtzman)
S:13:11:32.3 F:13:28:28.1
3816:56.8555Dallas United Crew A (Austin Braly)
S:13:01:26.8 F:13:18:23.6
3916:57.1571Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Chris Schenck)
S:13:08:04.5 F:13:25:01.6
4016:57.4560White Rock Boathouse A
S:13:03:10.6 F:13:20:08.0
4116:58.2589Capital City Rowing B (Bennett Bartlett)
S:13:11:40.6 F:13:28:38.8
4217:14.1559Triangle Rowing Club A (Mensheng Romano)
S:13:02:44.3 F:13:19:58.4
4317:17.8547Lyman Rowing Association A (Daniel Pagan)
S:12:58:40.0 F:13:15:57.8
4417:21.1590Miami Beach Watersports Center, Inc. B (Jacob Narson)
S:13:14:54.0 F:13:32:15.1
4517:23.4592Pine Crest School B (Tristen Vaughn)
S:13:13:14.0 F:13:30:37.4
4617:29.3594St. Andrew Rowing Club B (Alexander Smith)
S:13:13:58.1 F:13:31:27.4
4717:35.4582Montgomery Bell Academy Rowing B (Gage Anderson)
S:13:12:17.3 F:13:29:52.7
4817:42.0575Darlington School Crew A (Virginia Summer)
S:13:07:52.2 F:13:25:34.2
4917:45.5566Old Dominion Boat Club A
S:13:04:44.9 F:13:22:30.4
5017:46.2561Palmetto High School Rowing A (Beau Wessel)
S:13:03:41.5 F:13:21:27.7
5117:47.7600The Bolles School B (Carlton Higby)
S:13:17:32.9 F:13:35:20.6
5217:50.2568Texas Rowing Center A (Tim Templeton)
S:13:05:17.9 F:13:23:08.1
5318:03.1562Great Miami Rowing Center A (David Branton)
S:13:09:46.1 F:13:27:49.2
5418:10.1601Dublin Crew Inc. B
S:13:17:56.3 F:13:36:06.4
5518:10.6596Newport Rowing Club B
S:13:15:29.3 F:13:33:39.9
5618:17.4586OKC Riversport A (Aaron Eastling)
S:13:11:00.5 F:13:29:17.9
5718:18.9603Dallas United Crew B (Steven Kornajcik)
S:13:19:22.7 F:13:37:41.6
5818:24.7599Edgewater High School A (Paszkal Mozes)
S:13:16:52.7 F:13:35:17.4
5918:24.8548Boone Crew A (Jacob Sondel)
S:12:59:29.8 F:13:17:54.6
6018:37.1604Miami Rowing Club B (Gabriel Perez)
S:13:19:41.8 F:13:38:18.9
6118:43.5558Tampa Preparatory School A (nicholas magruder)
S:13:02:21.2 F:13:21:04.7
6218:57.2595Rocket City Rowing Club, Inc. A (Charles Foard Naumann)
S:13:17:24.8 F:13:36:22.0
6318:59.9591Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. B (Janse Tenefrancia)
S:13:12:43.3 F:13:31:43.2
6421:28.6584Triangle Rowing Club B (Sealth Womack)
S:13:15:13.6 F:13:36:12.2 P:30 (3 buoys)
DNS587Lake Brantley Rowing Association B


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