16 Men's College & Club Novice 8+

Official Results

115:27.9433University of Virginia Rowing Association A (Anthony DeMatteo)
S:12:01:50.5 F:12:17:18.4
215:44.5424Jacksonville University Rowing A (Chris Searcy)
S:11:56:12.6 F:12:11:57.1
316:37.9461University of Virginia Rowing Association A (Kian Ivey)
S:12:12:30.6 F:12:29:08.5
416:56.6437Georgia Tech Rowing Club A (David Bitzko)
S:12:03:03.4 F:12:20:00.0
517:00.7446Murray State University Crew A
S:12:06:43.3 F:12:23:44.0
617:03.4451Washington University Rowing - St. Louis A
S:12:08:37.2 F:12:25:40.6
717:05.8427Ohio State University Crew A
S:11:57:10.4 F:12:14:16.2
817:07.0449Alabama Crew A
S:12:07:43.5 F:12:24:50.5
917:07.2450Texas Crew A (Austin Phillips)
S:12:08:12.3 F:12:25:19.5
1017:08.8425UNC Men's Crew A
S:11:56:41.4 F:12:13:50.2
1117:20.6429Vanderbilt Rowing Club A (Adam Stark)
S:11:59:03.9 F:12:16:24.5
1217:22.8455UNC Men's Crew B
S:12:10:46.1 F:12:28:08.9
1317:31.9441University of Georgia Crew A
S:12:04:03.7 F:12:21:35.6
1417:37.0445FSU Rowing Club A (Edward Kennedy)
S:12:05:54.1 F:12:23:31.1
1517:42.1426University of Florida A (Jason Hoffman)
S:12:11:36.4 F:12:29:18.5
1617:42.3464Alabama Crew B
S:12:13:09.9 F:12:30:52.2
1717:45.8463Georgia Tech Rowing Club B (Sergio Acuna)
S:12:12:50.3 F:12:30:36.1
1817:48.0439University of Cincinnati Rowing Club A
S:12:03:28.3 F:12:21:16.3
1918:09.8447University of South Florida A (Vishnu Muhundan)
S:12:06:59.3 F:12:25:09.1
2018:17.3430The Rowing Club at Baylor University A
S:11:59:47.7 F:12:18:05.0
2118:17.5431The College of William and Mary A
S:12:00:50.9 F:12:19:08.4
2218:18.0462Texas Crew B (Jerry Zhang)
S:12:09:33.5 F:12:27:51.5
2318:31.1434Davidson College Crew A (Colin Tyznick)
S:12:02:17.1 F:12:20:48.2
2418:32.4465Washington University Rowing - St. Louis B
S:12:13:51.1 F:12:32:23.5
2518:33.4436Northwestern University A (William Arnold)
S:12:02:32.3 F:12:21:05.7
2618:36.3438Auburn University Crew A (Spencer Cotton)
S:12:04:32.4 F:12:23:08.7
2718:46.6435Duke University A (Ritchie Ge)
S:12:06:14.2 F:12:25:00.8
2818:48.1440Tennessee Crew A (JOSHUA CRAWFORD)
S:12:05:00.4 F:12:23:48.5
2918:49.0456Clemson University Rowing Association A (Gifford Leonard)
S:12:12:16.4 F:12:31:05.4
3018:55.6448UTC Rowing - Chattanooga A (Logan Herring)
S:12:07:21.1 F:12:26:16.7
3118:56.7442University of Dayton Rowing A
S:12:05:24.7 F:12:24:21.4
3218:58.4454The Rowing Club at Baylor University B
S:12:10:17.1 F:12:29:15.5
3319:02.2432Clemson University Rowing Association A (Joe Lyghtel)
S:12:01:24.8 F:12:20:27.0
3419:13.7428Charleston Crew A (Philip Taylor)
S:11:58:35.3 F:12:17:49.0
3519:16.2460Murray State University Crew B
S:12:14:06.6 F:12:33:22.8
3619:25.2443James Madison University Crew A (Kevin Chassagne)
S:12:05:34.8 F:12:25:00.0
3719:26.8459University of Georgia Crew B
S:12:13:34.2 F:12:33:01.0
3819:31.1452Ohio State University Crew B
S:12:09:10.1 F:12:28:41.2
3919:32.2453University of South Florida B (Michael O' Connell)
S:12:09:59.0 F:12:29:31.2
4021:30.6457Vanderbilt Rowing Club B (Chad Ryan)
S:12:11:25.2 F:12:32:55.8
4122:27.0458University of Florida B (Anthony Timoti)
S:12:45:51.0 F:13:08:08.0 P:10 (1 buoy)


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