15 Men's Club 8+

Official Results

115:16.7415University of Virginia Rowing Association A (Ian Feeney)
S:11:52:17.7 F:12:07:34.4
215:58.6419Ohio State University Crew A (Robbie Kirian)
S:11:53:26.3 F:12:09:24.9
316:37.3488Duke University A (Ramsey Sabbagh)
S:11:55:38.9 F:12:12:16.2
416:44.1421University of Georgia Crew A (Justin Fedich)
S:11:55:02.0 F:12:11:46.1
516:49.0417The College of William and Mary A
S:11:50:50.1 F:12:07:39.1
616:50.9418AJRA Alumni A (Robert Busch)
S:11:53:15.5 F:12:10:06.4
716:59.5410Clemson University Rowing Association A (Clark Burgess)
S:11:49:52.2 F:12:06:51.7
817:07.5416UTC Rowing - Chattanooga A (Justin Liang)
S:11:53:02.4 F:12:10:09.9
917:13.3414University of Dayton Rowing A
S:11:51:46.4 F:12:08:59.7
1017:19.6413Cleveland State University A (Corey Mancuso)
S:11:51:24.7 F:12:08:44.3
1117:29.4412Tennessee Crew A (Andrew Sharkey)
S:12:00:24.9 F:12:17:54.3
1218:20.4411University of Florida A (Quinn Pruitt)
S:11:50:19.9 F:12:08:40.3
1318:25.5423Clemson University Rowing Association B (Christopher Cornejo)
S:11:55:24.0 F:12:13:49.5
1418:28.3444St. Louis Rowing Club A
S:12:00:12.6 F:12:18:40.9
1518:43.7420Texas Crew A (Nicholas Wood)
S:11:53:51.6 F:12:12:35.3
1620:13.8422Texas Crew A (Alexandra Craig)
S:11:54:42.7 F:12:14:56.5


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