12 Men's College & Club Novice 4+

Official Results

117:16.8262Rollins Rowing Association A (Rachel Lii)
S:10:33:14.7 F:10:50:31.5
217:57.1280Wheaton College A (Joshua Roden)
S:10:37:42.9 F:10:55:40.0
318:01.9266The Rowing Club at Baylor University A
S:10:34:59.5 F:10:53:01.4
418:16.1273Duke University A (Andrew Gauthier)
S:10:36:32.6 F:10:54:48.7
518:18.3284Sewanee Crew A (Karl Afrikian)
S:10:38:41.2 F:10:56:59.5
618:19.3270Alabama Crew A
S:10:35:07.3 F:10:53:26.6
718:36.4264UTC Rowing - Chattanooga A (Dylan Hackett)
S:10:34:17.2 F:10:52:53.6
818:59.7295University of Georgia Crew B
S:10:40:53.2 F:10:59:52.9
919:11.5274Samford Crew A (Joshua Throckmorton)
S:10:36:53.4 F:10:56:04.9
1019:12.8287University of Georgia Crew A
S:10:40:31.8 F:10:59:44.6
1119:19.6290High Point University B (Griffin Spencer)
S:10:39:57.9 F:10:59:17.5
1219:21.4272Clemson University Rowing Association A (Alex Grossman)
S:10:36:14.6 F:10:55:36.0
1319:27.6285Texas Crew A (Sean Mapa)
S:10:40:06.9 F:10:59:34.5
1419:35.0267Ohio State University Crew A
S:10:35:42.3 F:10:54:47.3 P:30 (failure to yield)
1519:35.4282American University Crew Team A
S:10:37:32.7 F:10:57:08.1
1619:37.6293Wheaton College B
S:10:41:50.1 F:11:01:27.7
1720:00.4296Texas Crew B (Brian Huang)
S:10:41:22.1 F:11:01:22.5
1820:32.2294Clemson University Rowing Association A (Alexander Martin)
S:10:40:20.9 F:11:00:53.1
1920:33.9278UNC Men's Crew A
S:10:37:23.9 F:10:57:57.8
2020:41.7281Northwestern University A (Jon Rovira)
S:10:38:03.4 F:10:58:45.1
2120:54.8265St. Louis Rowing Club A (Andrew Chow)
S:10:34:40.1 F:10:55:34.9
2221:09.7271High Point University A (Spencer Shaff)
S:10:35:27.1 F:10:56:36.8
2321:26.5268Central Florida Men's Rowing A (Dylan Weitzman)
S:10:35:54.9 F:10:57:21.4
2421:33.1288University of Florida B (Hilario Gimon)
S:10:39:48.2 F:11:01:21.3
2521:34.7289Sewanee Crew B (Travis Tindell)
S:10:39:32.8 F:11:01:07.5
2621:47.4276University of Florida A (James Tryon)
S:10:38:37.2 F:11:00:24.6
2721:52.0283Wake Forest Rowing Club A (Ian Fitzpatrick)
S:10:38:20.1 F:11:00:12.1
2822:42.0275Cleveland State University A (Christian Fox)
S:11:02:23.4 F:11:25:05.4
2925:26.4277Oklahoma City University Rowing A (John Sprouse)
S:10:39:16.8 F:11:04:43.2
DNS286University of South Florida A


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