Multicopter/Drone Policy

The Head of the Hooch Local Organizing Committee (HOC), working in conjunction with the Chief Referee, is charged with approving the use of any and all drones at the regatta venue both on shore and in the field of play, including the airspace above the course (in accordance with local and FAA drone regulations), and approving the use of any/all media launches on the field of play.

Anyone wishing to operate a drone Thursday through Sunday at the regatta, including media, spectators competing organizations (including athletes, coaches, support personnel, parents, or fans), must have prior approval from the HLOC. To obtain approval, please contact Please include why you are requesting to fly the drone, what the video/photos will be used for, the model of drone you plan to fly, and what experience you have flying drones.

Any drones operating in the field of play must be controlled from a media launch with an experienced drone operator and launch driver, or from location outside the Ross’s Landing venue. The drone itself must remain at least 10 meters behind the crew and at least five meters above the highest point of the referee launch. Drones are not permitted to fly over the Ross’s Landing venue, launch and recovery docks, or start chute. Additionally, drones must stay out of the 5-mile no-fly zone surrounding the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, which covers the majority of the course north of the Lookout Rowing Club boathouse.