Multicopter/Drone Policy

The Head of the Hooch Organizing Committee (HOC), working in conjunction with a Chief Referee from USRowing, must be notified of all drones operating in the field of play, including the airspace above the course (in accordance with local and FAA drone regulations) and approving the use of any/all media launches on the field of play.

Any drones operating in the field of play must be controlled from a media launch with an experienced drone pilot and launch driver, or from a location outside the Ross’s Landing venue. Drone pilots must follow the below rules when operating in the field of play:

  • Fly in accordance with all local and FAA drone regulations. Note that a large portion of the upstream end of the course is within 5-miles of the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport.
  • Do not fly over the Ross’s Landing venue, launch and recovery docks, or start chute due to the large crowds in these areas.
  • Remain at least 10 meters away, in all directions, from any crew/shell on the water (for example, 10 meters above and 10 behind).
  • Drones should remain further away from crews when the pilot is not associated with the crew and/or the crew did not ask to be filmed/photographed. Drones can be distracting to competitors when they are not expecting to see/hear them which can lead to on the water safety issues and unfair distractions while racing.

Anyone wishing to operate a drone Thursday through Sunday at the regatta, including media, spectators, or competing organizations (athletes, coaches, support personnel, parents, or fans), shall notify the HOC at and provide the following information:

  • Model of drone that will be flown
  • How video/images will be used
  • Crew or Organization you are associated with

Drone pilots flying their drones over the field of play are obligated to follow the rules noted above and assume all liability associated with their actions.  The Head of the Hooch Organizing Committee and it’s co-insured partners accept no liability for drone operations in the field of play.

Thank you and Safe Flying!