Coaches & Coxswains

For last minute updates and regatta conditions, all coaches & coxswains are requested to be present at the coaches & coxswains meeting on Friday, November 3rd at the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX Theater @ 7:30 pm, with doors opening at 7:00 pm. A printable version of the C&C presentation is available here. If you are not able to attend, you are still responsible for the information.

Due to the number of entries, there are special instructions to coxswains and crews to ensure that the regatta runs on time and safely. Please pay close attention to the instructions provided to you before and during the regatta. We have created special instructions for you to hand out to your team members, they are also below. Additionally, please make sure all coxswains are aware of all the USRowing and Head of the Hooch rules of racing. The HOTH rules of racing are available here. Please have coxswains pay special attention to sections 8-12.

Friday Practice

  • The race course will be open for practice from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Friday before the regatta, no boats shall be allowed to launch before noon or after 5:30 pm. Regatta marshals will be on the course during the practice. No practice will be allowed on race days.
  • During practice, race traffic patterns (stay to the left, port side) apply throughout the course. Penalties of 1 minute or disqualification from the regatta may be assessed for violation of this rule. All race weekend launch and recovery traffic patterns will also apply.
  • Crews in small boats (1x, 2x, 2-) wishing to row a portion of the course during practice may turn after the East end of the island and merge into the traffic pattern in the racing lane of the course. Turning crews must yield to crews in the traffic pattern from the start area when entering the course. A course marshal may be located in this area; if so, crews must follow any instructions given to them or risk a penalty.

Launch rules

  • Assemble your crew at least 30 minutes before your race is called
  • Place oars near the launch dock scheduled for your race before your race
  • Launch when your race is called to avoid congestion at the docks
  • Move quickly onto and off the dock when Dockmaster gives instructions to do so
  • Immediately row away from the dock so that the Tennessee River current does not push your crew back onto the dock

Rowing to the start

  • Do not delay when rowing to the start area
  • Stay pointed upstream at each buoy station near the start
  • Be at Buoy #1 10-15 minutes before your scheduled race
  • At Buoy #1, be within five bow numbers of the bow numbers around you
  • The Marshal will send groups of 10 boats to the next buoy. All rowers to row on the paddle when instructed
  • Remove warm-up gear before receiving instruction to move across river to start
  • You will be instructed to row across river in groups of five

Start rules

  • Once across the river, row toward the start chute in numerical order
  • Follow the crew in front of you by about 1 length of open water
  • Crews must speed up or slow down as instructed by the Marshal 200 meters upstream of start
  • Build to full pressure and race pace prior to start line
  • Do not catch up with another boat in the start chute
  • Enjoy your race!